The gumbo shop 630 st peter, N.O. LA

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

Tourist trap! I am a native and thought i would take my daughter to a restaurant that had decent gumbo

17 years ago. While the gumbo herbs i had was o.k. My daughter had the crawfish etouffee and there may have been 5 crawfish in it for $7.99. (a cup mostly filled with rice) my daughter of 5yrs kept saying" Mommy there is not any crawfish in the bowl) The waiter came over and said yeah look those are little crawfish pieces you see there red. As if i were a first time eater of the dish. Little did i know that i am a local and you can't fool me. Nor should we dupe our patrons that support our business.

Also, who charges $3.99 for a soda and grenadine? Run tourist and locals from this establishment.

Makes me sorry to be a New Orleanian.

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